Monday, May 26, 2008

Old Time Music Calendar and Beyond

"The Foolish Pride Three" pickin' and jamin' on the streets of Kensington, MD. "Johnson boys were raised in the ashes/ Didn't know how to court a maid/ Turned their backs and hide their faces/ Didn't know where to put their feet/ Oh oh, the Johnson Boys ..."

Pickin in the Park; May 2008
We need to start a Pickin in the Park in Monroe, NC. This is how to do it:

Here are links to some of my favorite Old Time Music and Dance Festivals for the Summer:

May, Fiddler's Grove, NC

June, Annual Fiddler's Convention, Mount Airy, NC:

July, usually the week before Clifftop Old Time Music Jam at Tom Phlegar's Farm, near Pembroke, VA. (no website)

August, Appalachian String Band Music Festival, better known as "Clifftop", WV:

August, Galax Old Time Fiddler's Convention:

Old Time Dance and Music- in general, with great links:

And now, closer to my home pickin' and dance parlor, but unfortunately with many broken links (where did they all go?):
Have a nice summer Uncle Mudd!

P.S. We need to get a Home Page on the Internet; so we can compete with neuveau bands like the Reed Island Pickers (trees or music?). Trees can be found at 715 Peacock Dr., Hillsville, VA 24343. Read more at their site:


Anonymous said...

Hello Bob,
Great stuff! Sure look forward to all of us getting together for some Old-Time Music in the mountains.....and in Kensington, Maryland....or Germantown....or in Georgetown! Scratch a city person na down underneath you'll find down home good folks! they just have a hard shell built up around them. Remember, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet!!! See you soon Bob,...Keep on Blogging!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob,

Good to see you are keeping busy. Enjoyed your last visit and hope you can be here again.

John Stastny

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,
What a great site! I hope all is well with you and your family. I sure do miss you guys. Missing Ligonier weekend with Mom and my extended family was pretty hard this year. I sure hope we can all get together next time I'm back east and make some music. Keep in touch, Dawn

Bob Kramp said...

Hi Dawn, Hope things are good for U in CA. I missed Ligonier myself this year. I've attended the last 3 yrs though. Festival had wrong timing 4me. But heading up to MD/PA after Sep 16 for Fam Hist research, and visits to family. Send me ur email in personal note or message. Take Care, Bob