Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red Moshannon Creek at Peale Clearfield Co PA

Now Daddy won't you take me down Moshannon Valley/ Down by the Red River where paradise lay/ Well I'm sorry my son but you're too late in asking/ the Beech Creek Railroad has hauled it away ....(end). I substituted the words to a popular song sung by John Prine regarding Muhlenberg Co, West Virginia, so that it fits into my own family history and ancestral homelands. The Red Moshannon forms part of the boundry between Clearfield and Centre counties. its waters are tainted by the iron ore from surrounding mountains. And the abondoned Beech Creek Railway hauled tons of bituminous (soft) coal to Steamships waiting to refuel at New York port in the 1880s. And the ships brought thousands of immigrants to this region to mine for more coal until the land was "forsaken". But as you can see Mother nature always has the last word. Take me back again.

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