Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cabin Kitchen Emporium Cameron Co PA

Having coupla eggs and home fries while wild animals look down on my plate. Wish I could show you what's on the other walls. Maybe I will on another day. Tables are covered with plate glass and littered under the glass are all sorts of vintage ephemera: a 5 cent coupon good for one shoe shine at City Shoe Store; pix of American soldier sitting on propellar engine, rifle in hand with penned caption, "June 1944 Saipan" and another of boat plane, "Huangpu River" Nov 1945"; newspaper clipping announcing one billionth vacuum radio tube made at Emporium's Sylvania plant. One could read right through breakfast & dinner here. I'm in town to take pix of tombstones for Delbert Lininger and his family at Newton Cemetery. Incidentally, this region hosts probably the only free roaming herds of wild elk east of the Mississippi. Yea, there's an elk head mounted on the wall too.

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