Monday, June 18, 2007

Merlin's Coffee Haus Hanover PA

Merlin's Coffee House, Hanover, PA

I'm sitting at an outside table contemplating the 90+ degree temperatures looming ahead for the day. I'm glad this coffee house is only a few blocks away from my mother's new senior community which she moved into last summer. Hanover in the morning is just a small Pennsylvania village. Lots of locals come by to have a cup of java and chat with each other. I've only been a few times, but each time I have bumped into one of the regular customers who also likes to ride bicycles. He biked to the cafe one morning.

Though I am not very fond of cats, the cafe owner is. He is a sort of a local clearing house for cat adoptions. Inside, one can find picture albums of potential adoptees.

Bring your own cup; it's only 50 cents a fill.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bob. I frequent Merlins and love the coffee too! I thought you might want to change the state in your title from MD to PA since Merlins is in Pennsylvania. It's great to see a post about this fantastic little coffee house!