Saturday, December 13, 2008

Extra Pedigree Ornament No. 5A, My Paternal Adopted Grandmother (My Grand Aunt)

Martha Strike (Streich), born 1880, at Peale, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania; died 1933, Ramey, Clearfield Co., PA; buried International Order of Odd Fellows, Brisbin, PA.

This book of Bible stories (excerpts) was given to Martha Strike on her 15th birthday, 10 June 1895. It is a relatively small book, 5 x 8 inches, and 290 pages. The first five pages are missing, so I have no information on the publisher or date of publication. However, the text was printed in German. The pair of images shown on the ornament include the card stock cover of the book and the book open to page number 219. It is the beginning of Chapter 24 which is subtitled, “Jesus, der Kinderfreund -- Der Blinde -- Zacchaeus”.

Regarding the children in this chapter:

Jesus’ followers ask Him, “Wer ist doch der Größte im Himmelreich?” (Who is now the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?).

Jesus called a child to stand in their midst and then said, “Wahrlich, ich sage euch, es sei denn, daß ihr euch umkehret und werdet wie die Kinder, so werdet ihr nicht ins Himmelreich kommen.” (Truly, I say to you, unless you change yourselves to be as like as the children, so you will never come into the Kingdom of Heaven.)

The Chapter goes on to describe the healing of a blind man near Jericho, and then deals with Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector, who promises to give his belongings to the poor and undergo salvation.

The book did not contain any genealogical data.

Martha attended St. John’s German Lutheran Church in Houtzdale, Pennsylvania, as did other German immigrants in the community. Martha was the sister of Otto Strike. Martha married Robert William Kramp in December 1902, and later in 1918, became the foster parents of Martha’s nephew, Robert Karl Strike (son of Otto). Martha and her husband eventually adopted her nephew who changed his name to Robert Carl Kramp. He was my father.

There is another Bible in the hands of this Kramp family. In contrast to Martha's small book of Bible excerpts, which was given to her as a child, her husband obtained a very large Bible also printed in German which was passed down to their grandson, Robert Melvin Kramp. Several years ago, I took a picture of Robert holding the Book in his kitchen. Again, there was no genealogical data, such as vital statististics, written within the Book. Unfortunately, I did not obain any information on the Publisher of the Book on this first visit. I called Robert tonight to get more information about the book. He said the book was stored away. So, there you go. There are other dead ends besides brick walls.

Image: Robert M. Kramp holds an old Bible printed in German which once belonged to Robert W. "Pop" Kramp and Martha, nee. Strike.
Thanks to Herr Rudolf Kerbitz for translating portions of Martha's book.

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