Thursday, March 20, 2008

Berwind Mansion in Newport, RI

One of the benefits of studying your family history is that often you will come upon a region, a structure, a person, or an event, which will stand out and become much more significant because it has some relavence to your family history. The picture above and the postcard below depicts "The Elms" a mansion once owned by Edward Berwind. It is one of the famous, historical homes of Newport Rhode Island. As I mentioned in my previous entry, my great grandfather's "brother", David Russell, was a secretary for the Berwind and White Coal company and he used to ride the train with one of the Presidents, or it might have been one of its vice presidents. Either way, the officer was more than likely a member of the Berwind Family.

I used quotation marks around the word, brother, because I am not certain of the exact relationship of David Russell to my great grandfather, Thomas W. Russell, but nevertheless, they sat together for a portrait of the Russell brothers at Kruger Studio, in Houtzdale, PA, in 1890s.

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