Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time flies. Just a short while ago ...

My Father really enjoyed photography. He had a photo-enlarger in the basement and taught me how to use it and to mix the chemicals needed to make prints from 35 mm negatives. He taught me little tricks to bring out the shadows or to dull over-exposed areas of the film. I can still remember the vinegar-like smell of acetic acid- the fixer. Dad only worked with black and white film; he trusted the color film (Ektachrome) to the commercial developers. Nevertheless, he meticulously preserved and organized his color slides. He put the 35 mm developed slides between two thin glass plates and taped the edges.

Yesterday, I scanned at total of about 70 of these color, glass slides including some black and white 35 mm negatives using my 9420 Visioneer Model scanner. For slides and negatives, one must use a much higher resolution, about 1600 dpi for scanning negatives versus 300 dpi for 4x6 prints.

Here, I posted one of Dad's pictures he took of my mother in about 1949. We were on a visit to the farm of my Dad's adopted father, Robert William Kramp, in Ramey, Clearfield Co., Pennsylvania. We called him "Pop Kramp". Looking at this image, I am reminded of how short life seems to be. My mother was just a girl here and now she'll be 88 this year.

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