Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Soddy Daisy Tenn.

From genealogic research in PA, to a nuke worker at Sequoyah Plant on the banks of Tennessee River. For 5 wks beginning mid-Sep, I will be working as a radiation safety technician- sometimes called Radcon Tech or Health Physicist. I swing a meter which measures dose rates so that workers can be advised of dose rates in their work area and therefore keep their acculumlated doses as low as possible.

The work is intense and we will be working 6 x 12 hrs per week while the plant is being refueled. The utility doesn't make any money when the plant isn't producing electricity. However, I did pack my bicycle in case the weather is nice on Bob's One Day Off.

Sequoyah Nuclear Station was named after a Cherokee Chief and Philosopher who developed a Cherokee alphabet which was then used to translate the Bible and other books- which the indians called "talking leaves". I'm looking forward to being layed-off, so I can get back to indulging myself in "talking leaves" or maybe even "writing leaves". Darn it all, I think we all need more leisure time.


Anonymous said...

Howdy Bob,

I'm hiring in at Sequoyah Wed.
I'm a Boilermaker and this is my back yard.
Next time you're in town check out my friend's BBQ joint called "Smoking Ed's BBQ" on Adams Rd in Hixson TN
His "Q" is pretty darn good for non-Tarheel BBQ
If you like to hike,10 miles from the plant is falling water and on Signal Mt. is rainbow falls off of Signal Point.
Enjoy your journey and try to have mercy on us,we do try not to scratch our faces in the RCA,lol

Anonymous said...

I'd think again on the "Smoking Eds BBQ" tip guys. This "friend" of yours is only in town because he is hiding from the IRS and other people he owes. That is why the business is listed under his wife. He thinks no one will find him there. What a huge con, but not a very smart one, huh?


Anonymous said...

We tried the smokin' ed's place on our chattown's best bbq quest and are mixed in review. The meat was great. The sides subpar. The atmosphere awful. This is a married couple with some little kids roaming the place and wreaking havoc on the customers. The little boy was wild and unruly and kept running outside near the busy road. His mother looked worn down and was hugely pregnant while the dad who is the owner, Ed, yucked it up with anybody who would listen to him telling about his plan to franchise or whatever else he was yapping about to ignore the unruly kid and not help the wife. That killed it for us. If you venture out that way in search of a relaxed night out of your own kitchen, go somewhere else. If you just need the barbecue, get it to go and go home to make your own sides. If those people don't get child care for those kids like everyone else with a job or business, they will go out of business or have a hurt or worse kid due to lack of supervision one will end up burned or run over. It was sad to me they did not even to think it was a problem or danger. Those kids have no stimulation and no discipline so of course they will run wild. Not the kids fault, but not charming either.

Anonymous said...

Good call, Walshman, on the Smokin' Ed's BBQ guy. Looks like the jig was up for him here too. Word is Smokin' Ed has skipped on another set of responsibilities and is looking to set up shop somewhere else around Gatlinburg.