Friday, May 18, 2007

This msg sent as test of my new LG en/V cell phone.

Added after Post: I sent the image above from my new cell phone which I bought last Tuesday, the day after my old cell phone was stolen from my bicycle. So, this is really neat to be able to post a text or picture message to my blog while I am on the road or whenever I have my cell phone with me but not my laptop. I can be on a mountain top (if I could hike it) or waiting for a doctor's appointment- to fix my knee so I can hike the mountain.

All I have to do is send a phone message to "go(at)"

The picture of me was taken by the sales person at our local Verizon store. Someday I will find a way to transfer a copy to my profile. Also, I have subscribed to Verizon's Mobile Web 2 which allows me to access my email at Yahoo and at a few other email clients to which I do not have accounts, such as MSN or AOL. I hope I can initiate a "mobile" Gmail account, but it looks too complicated right now. Yahoo works for the momment.

I start out on a trip to MD and PA tomorrow from my home in Monroe, NC. It is my second trip there this month. I plan to stop in Richmond, VA, on the way and attend the Family History and Genealogy Fair which is part of the National Genealogical Conference being held this month.

Email ya from Richmond and beyond.


Westie99 said...

Hopefully I'm not the only reader of your blog.

Sign up for Technorati Search.

This may help increase your readership.

Technology certainly helps for sure with all facets of "The Daily Genealogy World"..

Bob Kramp said...

Thx Jeffrey for your comment and suggestion. I'm still learning. Have invited a few close Genie buddies to take a look at my blog. I am interested in knowing more about Technorati Search, but will have to put on back burner until mid-summer. In meantime, you could direct me to the appropriate site. Now, I will look at your profile. Blogging is great- so far.