Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hohnke Memorials Part 2

I was surprised to see this fairly recent addition at the foot of the TURNQUEIST monument at Allport Cemetery, Clearfield Co, PA. It was NOT there several years ago. The smaller monument was inscribed Justin, 1859-1906, Lars, 1859-1921, and Bertha, 1869-1946. Justin was Lars' first wife, and Bertha was his second. Bertha was the daughter of Julius HOHNKE and Matilda SUNBERG. Under Bertha's name "Cenotaph" is inscribed. Ceno, from the Greek "keno" means empty. Thus, a cenotaph is a sepulcral monument erected in memory of a deceased person who is buried elswhere, or whose remaines can not be recovered, esp. memorials of soldiers killed elswhere. In northern England I saw cenotaphs memorializing miners killed in explosions. But in this case, I know that Bertha was buried 3 miles further south on Rte 53 at St. Agnes Cemetery, Morrisdale, beside her first husband, George HAAS. The real question however is which still-living relative erected this monument? And can they tell me more of the family's history??

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