Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vendor Hall at National Genealogical Convention, Richmond, VA, May 2007

On Sat., 19 May 2007, I browsed the vendor hall at the National Genealogical Society's Convention being held in Richmond, VA. Pictured here is Mr. Wolf of Wolfshead Books. He led a workshop on how to date postcards and how postcards can be used to illustrate family history. He also had boxes of postcads for sale. Fortunately, the cards were arranged by state. I bought three cards which I will eventually use to help illustrate my family history. I will scan them into my scrapbook.

On my Father's genealogical web site, I used vintage postcards to show the former TB sanitarium at Cresson, PA. To see it, click here and scroll to bottom of page under "Landmarks". My grandfather, Otto Strike (Streich), was the ice machine operator at the institution until his death in 1946. In the 1950s the sanitarium was converted to a state prison. No photos are allowed of buildings inside the security fences as I discovered on a trip there a few years ago. So, the vintage postcards are the only views I have of my grandfather's former place of employment.

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