Thursday, May 17, 2007

First Entry, 16 May 2007

I just bought a new super dooper cell phone yesterday. My old phone was stolen two days ago from the handle bar bag on my bicycle. I chained the front wheel of the bike to its frame so nobody could ride off with it- though one could throw the whole bike in the back of a pickup or car trunk. I was gone only 10 minutes into a Food Lion Grocery store, but it was apparently long enough for someone to lift my phone. I rode quickly back to the house; called Verizon Wireless and waded through the frustratingly long menu to finally get to a real person. She disengaged my phone number from the stolen phone. The phone will soon lose its charge and become a useless piece of metal to the slime ball who took it. I was still upset that my address book and my picture was still with the phone. The phone was 4 years old and I was about to get a new phone anyway.

I used my two year customer credit to purchase an LG/enV for a discounted price of only $50. For another $5 per month I subscribed to Mobile Web 2, which allows me to send and receive email from my Yahoo! account. The phone has a 2 megapixel camera.

My interests and obsessions are photography, genealogy, writing, and travel. Actually, I have found that genealogy itself encompasses all of these interests. So, this blog will be about my travels on the road to find long lost cousins; to discover and write down our family history; and to illustrate my travels with photographs. I hope my new phone will enable me to upload pictures and stories from the road to this blog.

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Jeffrey said...

The multipurpose phone will come in handy for sure. Doesn't the slime ball know that he could be added to his own family genealogy permanently by his victim? I hope soon!
On his epitaph
'Voted the least like to succeed in genealogy "Here lies our loser" cellphone thief.'