Thursday, May 24, 2007

Family Reseach on the Road

Warren "Barney" Grove, s/o Robert Grove and Ella, born Wagner, and Bob at W. Moshannon, Clearfield Co, PA. Warren's grandmother was Bertha Wagner, daughter of Charles Michael Wagner, who the second husband of my great grandmother, Henreitta, nee. Hohnke. Reportedly, Robert Grove and Ella Wagner offerred to foster my father after the untimely death of my father's mother in the 1918 world-wide, infuenza epidemic. The Grove family had just lost a newborn son. However, my father's aunt, Mrs. Martha (Streich) Kramp, who was the brother of Otto Strike, refused to give up her nephew- she eventually adopted him. Otto had five other children to raise. In those days, I guess children, as in my father's tragic situation, were often fostered by other members of the family.

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