Friday, September 26, 2008

Pictures from the Gailliot front porch, 1930s

A couple of entries ago, I mentioned the house that my maternal grandfather, Charles Anthony Gailliot, built from a Sears kit in the mid-1920s. My mother believes she was about 4 or 5 years old when they moved from her grandfather's farm south of Alexandria City to the community of Del Ray in Alexandria. Charles Gailliot and his wife, Margaret, nee. Austel, had 4 children: Helen, Charles, and Mary Margaret (my mother), were born in 1918, 1919, and 1920, respectively. Nine years after my mother was born (at the farm), the youngest son, Edward Austel Gailliot was born. Uncle Eddie, as I called him, built a model of the Gailliot home which I recently posted at this blog. I mentioned that many pictures were taken on the front porch and stoop of the home. Well, here is an page from that album (click to enlarge):

In the upper left frame is my mother, Mary Margaret (MM) Gailliot, and her friend Helen Pesiznak who lived across the street. Helen was validictorian of their 1938 graduation class at George Washington High School. Upper right is mom's older sister, Helen Rose Gailliot, and the family pet fox terrior mix named, "Buddy". Lower left, is mom and a friend and also her brother, Eddie. Everybody who remembers Eddie as a child remembers that he was usually dressed in some kind of costume- usually a soldier. Here he looks like a policeman, complete with a Billy club (or is it called a night stick)- before the days of the "tazer". My dad and I appear in the middle, lower frame and a picture of my brother and I finish up the bottom row.

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