Monday, September 1, 2008

Austel daughters who remained in Europe

Coming on the heels of my last entry in which I described the First Generation Austel-Gutgsell Family Lines, I would like to turn now to two daughters who did NOT emigrate with the family to America in 1903. The daughters were the oldest: Marie and Ida. Fortunately, I have pictures of these Austel sisters and you can compare these images with those of the girls at a much younger age in the previous entry.

Marie Austel, 1877-1951, stands by her husband, Heinrich Schlumpf. The two children are Fritz and Therese. As already mentioned, contact with this family was lost sometime after WW II. There are a few old letters floating around in the attics of our family at large and I continue to search them out. My maternal grandmother, Mrs. Margaret (Gretl) Gailliot, nee. Austel, kept a "little black book", in which she wrote down her siblings names along with their birthday and the day on which they died. Grandma Margaret was the youngest of the first geneation and the last to pass away, born 1894 and died 1964.
Image above: The couple on the right are Ida, nee. Austel, 1882-1934, and her husband, Fidelius RINK, 1878-1966. The couple on left are unidentified. On reverse is hand-written caption:

"Im Frühling 1935. Flemberg (or Hemburg?) St. Gallen- Oberland"

Translated: "Spring, 1935, in Flemberg (or Hemburg), St. Gallen- in the Alps".

Image above: Mrs. Ida Rink, nee. Austel, is being helped to her feet after apparently slipping on the snow. I don't see any skiis and she is smiling, so I don't think she was seriously hurt. Others in the photo have not been identified. On Reverse: "Rulshssorh auf dem Weg Z. Noanlichen, 28 Jul 1935. Erst ich mach her alle andern warum haben sie gelacht".

Translation: ? Anybody give it a try ? Please post in comments below.

Fidelius Rink and Ida, nee. Austel, had two surviving children, Martina and Paul. Martina never married nor had children. Paul married a lady named Isabelle and they had one son, Wolfgang Rink. In 2001, I heard from a third party that Wolfgang Rink and his widowed mother moved to Berlin, Germany, after Paul died in the mid 1990s. They had resided in Lauterach, Austria, on the eastern shores of the Bodensee.


I googled "Wolfgang Rink" and found a match at this web site. Could this be OUR Wolfgang Rink? I believe he looks too young. I wish I could get in touch with him and refer him to this blog entry.

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