Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tour of Blogs

For this season, I have been creating Xmas ornaments for each ancestor on my pedigree starting from the principal (me) and going back through my great grandparents- 15 persons in all. Each ornament displays an image, not necessarily of the ancestor's face or bust, but rather, some characteristic which is unique to that individual. The ornaments are being blogged about one per day during the month of December.

Today, I was invited by the Genealogy Bloggers Group (Geneabloggers) to participate in the Christmas Tour of Blogs. I decided to present a slide show of my Pedigree Ornaments up to date. Of course, the visitor will have to scroll back to the individual blog entries to read more on what I described for each ornament. To bring up the project quickly, go to the right-hand column of this blog and click on the tag "Xmas-2008".

Every few days I will have to update the slide show to reflect the addition of new ornaments. I have posted 6 ornaments so far, plus a couple of extras for my adopted grandparents. I plan to post about nine more ornaments. Then, after Xmas, like all Tours, this slide show will be deleted, but the Xmas ornaments will remain on the blog- hopefully for years?

The following slide show was created in Picasa Albums, and currently contains about 13 individual images.

To see what other Genealogy Bloggers have posted on the tour, go to "2008 Christmas Tour of Blogs" at the Moultrie Creek web site, hosted by Denise Olson.

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