Monday, April 7, 2008

First Week of Retirement

Before I depart Southport, NC, I thought I would spend a few days exploring the area. I can extend my stay at St. James Plantation for only a fraction of what they normally charge.

The picture above was taken at the town park in Southport, NC. The azaleas are at almost peak bloom and the dogwood and Redbud are also in bloom. I love to see the majestic and gnarled limbs of the water oak. Ferns grow on the top sides of the limbs.

My daughter and grandchildren met me for a few days of their Spring break from school. We took a walk on the beach and dug ponds and lakes in the beach sand. Then we hopped on our bicycles and took a tour around St. James Plantation. Their bike lanes are great for safe biking with the children. I wish more roads were built with bike lanes. Perhaps they will be when gas reaches 10 dollars a gallon.

On our tour we saw beautiful gardens and wildlife such as deer and fiddler crabs as we biked silently over the boardwalks which have been built above the marshes.

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