Sunday, March 23, 2008

A walk on the beach at Oak Island, NC

A beautiful, breezy day on the beach in early Spring. Walk a little ways down the beach to an isolated stretch of sand. Lay down on a sand dune which has been swept up by the wind. Pull the hood of my sweat shirt over my bald head to keep the stinging sand away, and close my eyes while the sun warms my face.

I'll be working away from home for about 4 weeks at Brunswick Nuclear Plant located in Southport, NC, near Wilmington. I really hate to come off retirement for this spurt of an intensive work schedule (six 12-hour days per week). But I hope to collect a little travel money and keep a budget as balanced as possible. So, forgive me if I can't recall some of the names or places in these blog entries, especially the historical ones, as my books, notes, and journals are still at the house. However, I will add more information or make corrections later on. Please return for a visit. Have a great walk and a great day wherever you are.

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Steve Sherron said...

Hi Bob. I ran across your blog while doing a little surfing on the net. I'm from Monroe also and working on Oak Island and Holden Beach. I have a Land Survey Company on Oak Island beside the BBQ House. D & S Surveying. I run a web site that you may be interested in.

I post a lot of videos about Brunswick County. Check it out and feel free to join. I'm in Monroe tonight. Drove back from Holden today.