Thursday, December 20, 2007

An ol' time tune by Uncle Mudd (sitting)

You might tell by the little cartoon character gracing my profile that I enjoy playing a tune on the banjo- old time clawhammer or frailing to be specific. The banjo playing style preceeds the 3-finger picking style of Earl Scruggs. So during Thanksgiving weekend this year, my friend invited me to play a tune called "Soldier's Joy", a.k.a. "The Kings Head" with a local band at the Royal Mile Pub, Wheaton, MD. The band, sans Uncle Mudd, is called the Gross National Product. Why the name? I don't know, but I loved their blend of bluegrass and folk music.

Tradition indicates that a condemned man was allow a last request before he was to be executed by losing his head. The man asked for his fiddle and played a tune so well and so rousing that the King spared the fiddler's head. I wished to play well enough to get a free pint, but just playing with the band turned out to be good enough. Thanks guys.

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