Friday, June 1, 2007

Trip Extension

Oops, something came up and I will not be returning to my home in NC this week. Instead, I will be joining my brother, Russell (Billy to me), on a trip around the Florida Keys on his boat "Poken", from Marathon, FL, on the Atlantic coast to near Tampa, FL, on the Gulf coast. Trip might take 6 or 7 days or more depending on the weather. I will fly out this afternoon, June 1st to Tampa, and return June 15th to Baltimore, MD.

Picture was taken last August, 2006, of my Uncle Edward Gailliot. We boated around the Chesapeake Bay, MD, for a short week. This was the first long visit in years among my brother, Uncle, and I. Nothing like a long boat ride to bring us tightly together again.

I wonder if I will be able to post a picture message to my blog via my cell phone. If I can, best for you to return later after I have an opportunity to edit the posts.

Ahoy and Bon Voyage to moi (or nous?)

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